Guest Post: How To Wear Patterns and Prints

Myafrofashion.com is a global fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog based in Canada showcasing an interesting niche of African-inspired fashion from across the globe. Today she gives you the low down on how to wear patterns and prints.

Wearing conflicting prints and patterns in crazy colours can be a bit daunting for some but it’s a lot of fun and can add some extra spice to your style. You can incorporate different types of prints or patterns and play with different types of accessories to match. Pretty much anything goes from tribal prints, florals and geometrics to polka dots, plaids, animal or African prints. To get it right and feel comfortable in your skin, it’s important to wear the prints around your personality, pick a theme and know the type of message you want to communicate when people see you. For example, you can unleash your wild side, animal instinct, flower power or a combination of them.

There are really no rules to mixing prints. If you are new to wearing bold choices and crazy colours, I recommend keeping it simple. Don’t go for a full head-to-toe print. Start out with just one or two prints and then you can get more creative and add more as you become more comfortable. Alternatively, you can use accessories such as shoes, belts and clutches with prints on them as your starter items before transitioning into clothing. Stripes and polka dots or leopard print and florals are a nice combination

Don’t get worried about how they match each other but instead, what pairs well with another. Look for one common denominator that ties the entire look together such as the spectrum of colours or an accessory. You don’t have to mix print garments. A print shoe will look amazing with a print bag. And remember, just because you’re mixing prints doesn’t mean you can’t have some solid colours in the mix. A solid red belt for instance will create a fabulous focal point for any outfit.

Chunky jewellery always goes well with tribal and African prints but the occasion of your outfit will determine what goes best together with it. Not sure where to start from? Take a cue from some of the styles above. 

How do you feel about mixing patterns and prints? 

Thanks again My Afro Fashion, you can find more about her at http://myafrofashion.com

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Floral pants

H&M Floral pants
These floral pants have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe for a long time!
Although I have worn these floral pants numerous times, they never seem to bore me. My hunch is that this is due to the numerous colors that one can pull from them. Pinks, blues, green and oranges, as well as neutrals such as black and white, keep the pants visually interesting and suitable for frequent wear.  
H&M Floral pants
H&M Floral pants
H&M Floral pants
I decided to aim for simplicity by pairing the pants with a loose fitting, white-ish/grey-ish  shirt from Dynamite clothing. Who said patterned pants can't be versatile?

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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Outfit Information:
Top: Dynamite // Pants: gifted h&m (old) but love these & these // Heels: Zara // Bag: Urban behavior: Old // necklace: Ebay

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Guest Post: Blackberry, Banana, Mango & Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Blackberry, Banana, Mango & Dragon Fruit Smoothie
Photo by Tiffany
I hope you guys are enjoying your summer. Today we have a tasty and exotic recipe to help cool you down amidst the hot and humid weather. Blackberry, banana, mango and dragon fruit--oh my, what a combination! The lovely Tiffany from Little black Pearls shares another delightful recipe!
I'm also back to fully blogging at home on my desktop computer, rather than on my android phone. Attention, bloggers: do not try to blog with your phone because you can't really see what you're writing. Not to fret; more posts are on the way (no more getaways to the middle of nowhere for a while)! Without further ado, enjoy this tasty treat and let me know what you thought of it.
This recipe serves 2.

2 frozen bananas
1 mango
½ cup of blackberries
½ dragon fruit
Lots of ice (about a tray full)
Optional: honey (if you find it's not sweet enough)

Using a blender, blend all the chopped up ingredients together until you get a thick velvety smoothie. That's it! Consume immediately.

Tiffany's Tips: "This is the easiest and healthiest way to make a good smoothie -- pure fruit and nothing else! The trick is to use frozen bananas, it thickens it up nicely. As such, I always like to have a few frozen bananas on hand. When ripe, peel and cut up some bananas into large chunks, throw them in a Ziploc bag and toss in the freezer. It lasts for a while and is good for making smoothies and ice cream."

Please check out Tiffany's blog Little black Pearls

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Express Zebra print Skirt

Express Zebra Skirt
The word "practical" never crossed my mind when I was purchasing this zebra print skirt from Express Clothing. However, if you follow me on Instagram at smissjblog, you may have known that I had been lusting over it for a few months after I first spotted it at the Express Clothing's Spring/Summer preview. My initial thoughts were, "how gorgeous, how dainty, but how edgy at the same time!" 
I coveted this skirt for awhile before I decided to splurge.I thought, if it’s not practical for me,can I make it practical? Can I rock the heck out of this skirt so that it becomes a basic and classic item in my closet? Do I feel pretty, and confident in it? The answer was definitely yes, so I went for it!!
Express Zebra Skirt
Express Zebra Skirt
Express Zebra Skirt
Express Zebra Skirt

Ultimately, the skirt won me over with its classic zebra print pattern, its great fit and perfect length. The plus side was that it did not overwhelm my short frame. 
I paired the skirt with this unique cross over style crop top. This added more interest to the outfit without competing with the pattern in the skirt. Another option is adding a shawl or a jacket as a cover up during those cooler evenings or nights if you wish to recreate the look.The skirt can be paired with numerous colored accessories and tops to create numerous outfit options

Hope you enjoyed the post

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Outfit Information
Top: Garage Clothing here// Skirt: Express here // Heels: Zara // Purse:Borrowed (friend)

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