Safari Chic

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One of the many items on my bucket list is to jet off to Kenya or Tanzania to experience a safari. The most appealing thing about a safari for me is seeing wild life in their own natural habitat instead of visiting the zoo. 
Going on a Safari has been something that I've always wanted to do since I was little. I would constantly watch the discovery channel dreaming about how great the experience would be. 


Lolë White Tour Toronto, #so awesome

 Lolë White Tour Toronto, Yoga Session, Active wear
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Lolë White Tour hosted by the athletic brand Lolë. It was the biggest yoga party in Toronto with over 2,000 yoga enthusiasts gathering at the beautiful Fort York. All attendees were


5 Tips to Wearing White

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The pure mention of wearing any white clothing scares most people. Although, white can give any outfit a crisp and refreshing look, the thought of wearing anything white especially all white in public  is a "no no" for most.
 So, here are 5 tips to wearing white if you dare to use them.


The Neon Look

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A perfect outfit combination for the summer months is something that's bright and breezy. Therefore, this neon outfit sure did hit the spot.