Consonant Skin Care: all Natural Foaming Face Wash review

100% natural skin care, consonant skin care, natural facial cleanser
   My skin is not considered sensitive but I have experienced a few occasions when my skin was irritated or I had an allergic reaction to products that I was using.  Therefore, I don't often experiment too much with products that go on my face.


Spring ready: Grey and blush

grey and blush, floral blazer, pink denim, coloured denim, toronto blogger With winter in full swing I can't help but dream of warmer weather, beaches, and bright colours. Although a fresh blanket of snow can be a beautiful sight, I would not mind if spring were here right now. 


Textured faux leather jacket & animal print

Faux leather jacket, animal print, natural hair

It's been a busy and eventful Wednesday but I thought I would share a quick post of something that I wore earlier on this week. I paired a textured faux leather jacket with a black, white and yellow animal print blouse. It's still very cold outside so a winter jacket and winter accessories are still very much needed when heading outside. 


Sequins and a winter Parka

sequin pants, winter parka, Community Paradigm Parka 

When you think of sequins, you probably think of  a glamorous night out. When you think of a winter parka you may think of a causal and functional winter outfit.