fuse Gelnamel Review

fuse Gelnamel Review, Canadian Beauty Blogger, Nail polish

Have you ever stumbled upon a product and was really curious on how it worked or if it truly did what it claimed to do? Well, when it came to the fuse gelnamel I was filled with curiosity and thought my readers would be too so I volunteered to try the product out.
The fuse gelnamel claims to combine the best of polish color + gel into an all-in-one formula. No separate base coat or top coat is needed.  With the help of the 30 second Fuse LED lamp, get your nails salon ready. The LED lamp can be used both for manicures and pedicures.
What comes in the starter kit: Fuse LED Lamp // Gel Cleanser // gelnamel // Lint-free Wipes // Double-sided Nail Buffer // Manicure Stick & Detailed Instruction Sheet


Pencil Midi Skirt

Are Midi skirts ever going away? My answer is I hope not. The fascination with the midi skirt  among  women of all shapes, sizes, and heights is truly  impressive, considering that sometimes this length is not always easy to wear.  The midi skirt stops anywhere from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle. My guess is we love the midi skirt because it's versatile and offers endless styling options for any season.


The Autumn monochromatic look in burgundy

monochromatic look in burgundy, autumn fashion, toronto blogger, black blogger, Danier leather, Thrift
Autumn  fashion calls for awesome layers, rich colors, and fashionable accessories. In this look  I decided to play with the monochromatic trend once again but this time with the color burgundy.

Still trying to figure out the monochromatic look?  
TIP:  To pull of the monochromatic look successfully, try playing with different textures to create dimension and interest all while using a similar color palette .  I played with colored denim and a textured top in this scenario. To make the outfit even more interesting,  I decided to layer a patterned checkered blouse underneath the sweater that went perfectly with the rest of the outfit.


Jet Set Into Fall '14 with Revlon + Giveaway

Revlon Colorstay Makeup, Makeup Contest, Toronto Blogger, Canadian beauty blogger

This  season Revlon has put together some autumn makeup looks inspired by some of the most well known cities around the world including Shanghai, Paris, New York, London, and Stockholm. 

Revlon Colorstay Makeup, Makeup Contest, Toronto Blogger, Canadian beauty blogger

When it comes to makeup I have never been one to experiment with color. I tend to gravitate towards a neutral eye look and go wild with my signature red lip. On the less adventurous days I stick to a neutral lip gloss. 

I was challenged to recreate a makeup look inspired by the beautiful city of Shanghai, made up of rich autumn colors such as green, beige, and black. I wanted to create a look that I could wear on a daily bases and easily transition to night.