Currently Crushing on.. African Print Maxi Skirts

African Print Maxi Skirts, Grass Field Shop, Printed Maxis
Photo Source from Grass Field, here
Ladies if you have Instagram then you likely have seen the various pages promoting and selling GORGEOUS African print maxi skirts. Am I the only person that openly drools over them in the comfort (and privacy) of my own home?



culottes trend, leopard shoes, Payless bag, Toronto blogger, H&M trench coat
It looks like culottes are one of the hottest trends this spring, and I was curious to see how they would work for my short frame.
The expression that things always come back into style is indeed true. I  remember my mother trying to pass down to me a bunch of her own culottes in different colors and patterns, years ago. However, we are different sizes and at the time I thought the style looked awkward.


Black Monochromatic, World Master Card Fashion Week Day 1

Monochromatic, Black, WMCFW, World MasterCard Fashion Week
This week was World Master Card fashion Week here in Toronto and although it's been really exhausting it's been a really fun experience. I attended some great shows, met some great people/fellow bloggers, and found an excuse to dress up. Yesterday, I was back at it for the last day of shows. However, I wanted to share  what I wore the first day. I only attended shows 3/5 days because of school and other commitments.


Let's Talk... 3 Tips On How To Be More Productive

3 Tips On How To Be More Productive, pink heels, distress denim
Photo by Clover D
We are living in an era where there is constant stimulation going on around us. Willpower is simply not enough sometimes and it can be hard to focus on the task at hand.